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The ultimate guide to 25 years of contemporary art, as seen through the filter of the world's leading contemporary art magazine. 'Frieze: A to Z of Contemporary Art' charts the dynamic, changing landscape of the contemporary art and culture of the past quarter century. Drawing on frieze magazine’s exceptional back catalogue of articles, this book brings together a curated collection of over fifty engaging highlights. It features artist interviews; essays on subjects as varied as museums, photography, pre-historic art and television; and think pieces on broader cultural topics, such as fame, gentrification, nostalgia, and style. The book's content — selected from throughout the magazine's history — offers a guide to this dynamic era of visual culture, revealing the increasing internationalism, popularity, and market dominance of contemporary art.

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Bruce Hainley (Article author)Jörg Heiser (Article author, Preface)Michael Bracewell (Article author)Sean O'Toole (Article author)Lynne Tillman (Article author)Jennifer Higgie (Article author, Preface)Glenn O'Brien (Article author)Adrian Searle (Article author)Dominic Eichler (Article author)Susan Hiller (Article author)Sam Thorne (Article author)Tom Morton (Article author)Emily King (Article author)Kaelen Wilson-Goldie (Article author)Lane Relyea (Article author)David Batchelor (Article author)Christy Lange (Article author)Eyal Weizman (Article author)Matthew Slotover (Article author, Preface)Stuart Morgan (Article author)Collier Schorr (Article author)Jan Verwoert (Article author)Jon Savage (Article author)Mark Godfrey (Article author)Jonathan Griffin (Article author)Negar Azimi (Article author)Barbara Casavecchia (Article author)Carl Freedman (Article author)Christian Haye (Article author)Liliane Lijn (Article author)Colin Chinnery (Article author)Chloe Hooper (Article author)Edward Allington (Article author)Zadie Smith (Article author)Ralph Rugoff (Article author)Dave Hickey (Article author)Alice Rawsthorn (Article author)Luc Sante (Article author)Sophie Calle (Article author)Glenn Brown (Article author)Brian Dillon (Article author)Steve McQueen (Article author)Daniel Birnbaum (Article author)Peter Schjeldahl (Article author)Brian O'Doherty (Article author)Adriano Pedrosa (Article author)Ray Charles (Article author)Kirsty Bell (Article author)Dan Fox (Preface)Amanda Sharp (Preface)
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