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Access Moscow: The Art Life of a City Revealed 1990–2000
MoscowАрт Гид2016272 pagesEnglish

Garage publishing program. Access Moscow is the second in a new series of books by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art on research and materials in Garage Archive Collection. In 1986, the Soviet government created a statute enabling citizens to form associations and clubs for the first time since the 1920s. This gave rise to the first official organizations created by unofficial artists, as well as the beginning of a vibrant gallery scene. Run by artists, curators and cultural entrepreneurs, these spaces unleashed the creative energy that now characterizes early post-Soviet Russia. Access Moscow examines the key role the first independent galleries played in the emergence of Moscow’s art scene in the 1990s. Through historical texts from leading practitioners of the time, as well as new essays, the book provides a first-hand account of an art community in formation, accompanied by a chronology of key exhibitions and events that defined the era.

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