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2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art
A Beautiful Night for All the People






Anything but classification. Let it be blind wandering in symbolic thickets and deranged patterns, but not classification.

Roman Mikhailov

The 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art is a large-scale examination of the current Russian art scene. Conceived as a means of activating the art world as much as a way of inspiring the viewer, the second iteration of Garage Triennial works as a playful analysis of the system of relationships operating in Russian art today.

Using the most immediate of formats—a series of discussions and meetings—the curators are producing the exhibition by delegating expert responsibility to the participants of the inaugural Triennial, who were invited to select the 2nd Garage Triennial’s artists in line with two conditions. The first is that the relationship between the recommender and the participant must be explicit (teacher/student, parent/child, seller/buyer). The second is that the recommender should help the participant to create the work for the exhibition. This mechanism reveals aspects of Russian art’s day-to-day existence that are rarely brought into the public domain, and presents them to the viewer. The resulting horizontal structure has an element of unpredictability, but the curators believe that this risk, and their readiness to accept any kind of outcome, will give this type of regular survey show new meaning.

An important component of the 2nd Garage Triennial is the development of relationships with Russia’s regions, with the project’s geography planned to extend well beyond Moscow. This time around, the regional partner institutions that worked with Garage as advisors and guides to local art scenes for the 1st Triennial will be able to apply for Triennial grants to produce their own event or special project, with the sole selection criterion being its anticipated impact on the local art scene.

Curators: Valentin Diaconov and Anastasia Mityushina


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