With Reference to Hans Haacke is a homage to internationally renowned political conceptual artist Hans Haacke (born 1936) on the occasion of his 75th birthday. It comprises more than 100 contributions dedicated to him by three generations of artists--from Vito Acconci to Heimo Zobernig--with more than 300 color illustrations. The effect of Hans Haacke's work extends far beyond the boundaries of the cultural sphere, and its influence is demonstrated throughout this collection: on the colleagues who know him and on a younger generation who look to him as a pioneer in his contemporary treatments of such issues as ecosystems and the complexity of our social reality. Haacke's unorthodox work has opened up many debates on the general political, economic and institutional conditions of our conception of art. With Reference to Hans Haacke pays a visual, equally unorthodox tribute to an astounding career.

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