This volume includes 55 color illustrations from Urs Fischer's “Beds and Problem Paintings” show that was exhibited at Gagosian Gallery in Los Angeles from February 23rd to April 7th, 2012. This exhibition was the artist's first major solo exhibition with the gallery. “Beds and Problem Paintings” was designed by the artist, and the images within the book include installation photos from the exhibition, as well as personal photographs taken by the artist. Fischer's bed sculptures — signals of an alternate surrealist world — are sculptural pieces that appear to buckle under the pressure of an invisible force. The problem paintings are vintage publicity headshots, colored and enlarged to a monumental scale then obstructed by silkscreened images such as a bolt or a banana, presenting a clash of representational systems For his series of diminutive mirrored chrome-steel sculptures, highly detailed composite color photographs of objects including a ping-pong paddle, asparagus, a calculator, and a stress ball, all slightly enlarged from life, have been silkscreened onto the five mirrored planes (four sides and top) of each box. An introduction by artist Adam McEwen will accompany the work.

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Урс Фишер

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