Russia has undergone an amazing cultural and political transformation over the past forty years. How has its rapidly changing social landscape shaped its art? And how does art effect social and cultural change within Russia? This generously illustrated volume explores these questions by presenting a broad but balanced selection of work by eighty Russian artists working from the 1970s to the present day. It features many newcomers within diverse media and styles, including Alexei Kallima, Kerim Ragimov and Olga Chernysheva alongside such well-established names as Ilya and Emilia Kabakov and Eric Bulatov. Featuring more than 580 high-quality colour illustrations, insightful interviews with collectors, in-depth profiles and three essays by leading scholars is an essential guide to a subject that has been under-researched. Through representatives of all the main movements, including the Moscow Conceptual school and Sots Art, Frozen Dreams brings together artists from the Soviet underground and those working today in the wake of perestroika.

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