Garage publishing program. Exhibit Russia is the first in a new series of books by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art on research and materials in Garage Archive Collection. Exhibit Russia: The New International Decade 1986–1996 is the first publication to explore how the Russian art scene connected to the rest of the world during the turbulent decade following perestroika. Focusing on the exhibitions and events which propelled Russian artists to international attention and introduced Russian publics to Western art stars, Exhibit Russia provides a unique perspective on the dawning of the contemporary global art world. Through first-hand accounts, curators, artists, and writers share their behind-the-scenes experiences, which are further elucidated through rare installation documentation, articles, and press coverage of the exhibitions and events they organized. The book concludes with an archive of selected texts that conveys the zeitgeist of the emerging art scene, as well as a chronology of key exhibitions and socio-political events.

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