Cinema and the City: Film and Urban Societies in a Global Context

This book brings together the literature of urban sociology and film studies to explore new analytical and theoretical approaches to the relationship between cinema and the city, and to show how these impact on the realities of life in urban societies. Machine derived contents note: 1 Cinema and the City in History and Theory Mark Shiel 2 Film and Urban Societies in a Global Context Tony Fitzmauice Part 1: Postmodern Mediations of the City: Los Angeles 3 Bunker Hill: Hollywood's Dark Shadow Mike Davis 4 Film Mystery as Urban History: The Case of Chinatown John Walton 5 Return to Oz: The Hollywood Redevelopment Project, or Film History as Urban Renewal Josh Stenger Part 2: Urban Identities, Production, and Exhibition 6 Shamrock: Houston's Green Promise James Hay 7 From Workshop to Backlot: The Greater Philadelphia Film Office Paul Swann 8 Cities: Real and Imagined Geoffey Nowell-Smith 9 Emigrating to New York in 3-D: Stereoscopic Vision in IMAX's Cinematic City Mark Neumann 10 Finding a Place at the Downtown Picture Palace: The Tampa Theater, Florida Janna Jones 11 Global Cities and the International Film Festival Economy Julian Stringer Part 3: Cinema and the Postcolonial Metropolis 12 Streetwalking in the Cinema of the City: Capital Flows Through Saigon J. Paul Narkunas 13 Cityscape: The Capital Infrastructuring and Technologization of Manila Rolando B. Tolentino 14 The Politics of Dislocation: Airport Tales, The Castle Justine Lloyd 15 Representing the Apartheid City: South African Cinema in the 1950s andJamie Uys's The Urgent Queue Ga Baines 16 The Visual Rhetoric of the Ambivalent City in Nigerian Video Films Obododimma Oha 17 Montreal Between Strangeness, Home, and Flow Bill Marshall 18 (Mis-)Representing the Irish Urban Landscape Kevin Rockett Part 4: Urban Reactions on Screen Idealism and Defeat 19 Postwar Urban Redevelopment, the British Film Industry, and The Way We Live Leo Enticknap 20 Naked: Social Realism and the Urban Wasteland Mike Mason Escape and Invasion 21 Jacques Tati's Play Time as New Babylon Laurent Marie 22 Poaching on Public Space: Urban Autonomous Zones in French Banlieue Films Adrian Fielder Index.

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