Have we become a society of voyeurs? The proliferation of cell-phone cameras, YouTube videos, and reality television series would certainly suggest that this is so. Pictures can now be made using infrared technology to penetrate darkness or satellites to create omniscient views. If our capacity to look seems increasingly boundless, however, it also threatens to make us a nation under surveillance. Amid endless political debates about terrorism, the security camera has become one of the icons of our age. Aided and abetted by the camera, voyeurism and surveillance provoke uneasy questions about who is looking at whom. Yet there have been surprisingly few attempts to examine the history of might be called invasive looking. Published to coincide with a major exhibition at Tate Modern, “Exposed” aims to fill this critical void. Recognizing that voyeurism has inspired photographers since the inception of the medium, this book reveals the myriad ways in which artists have probed its fascinations, dangers, and cultural significance. The imagery collected here, ranging from the 1870s to the present day, presents an alternately shocking, illuminating, and witty perspective on subjects both iconic and taboo. From shortly after the invention of photography, hidden cameras in public places and voyeuristic treatments of sexuality raised questions about the new medium's uses that are still rehearsed today. The invasive techniques of paparazzi, amateur shots of disasters from the Hindenburg to 9/11, police surveillance photography and the recent trend of self-documentation of sex, crime and other private acts are all examined and explored by leading critics, alongside the work of some of the leading artists of the past 100 years. The contributors include Simon Baker, Philip Brookman, Carol Squiers, Marta Gili and Richard B. Woodward.

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Bill Dane, Louis-Camille d'Olivier, Уиджи, Мэрри Альперн, Бен Шан, Брассай, Гарри Виногранд, Жак‑Андре Буаффар, Нобуёси Араки, Поль Мартен, Уокер Эванс, Арнольд Генте, Доротея Ланж, Анри Картье-Брессон, Хелен Левитт, Эдгар Дега, Джон Эрнест Джозеф Бэллок, Stephen Barker, Роберт Мэпплторп, Сьюзан Майзелас, Нэн Голдин, Doris Banbury, William Saunders, Tom Howard, Эдди Адамс, Abraham Zapruder, Oliver Lutz, Lucinda Devlin, Horace Engle, Филип-Лорка Ди Корсия, Мирослав Тихий, Anthony Hernandez, Митч Эпштейн, Felix Jacques Moulin, Auguste Belloc, Пьер Молинье, Ман Рэй, Ёсиюки Кохеи, Cammie Toloui, Elena Dorfman, Leonard McCombe, Жиль Перез, Rudolf Cisar, Rudolph Herrmann, Марк Гаранже, Томас Деманд, Томас Руфф, Эмили Джейсир, Саня Ивекович, Джон Госсадж, Сидзука Йокомидзу, Richard Gordon, Мари Сестер, Энди Уорхол, Йоко Оно, Пьер‑Луи Пьесон, Тацио Секкьяроли, Cecil Stoughton, Ник Ут, John Reekie, Билл Эппридж, Stephen Shames, Софи Ристелебер, Харун Фароки, Хельмут Ньютон, Ги Бурден, Wolfgang Stoerchle, Ричард Аведон, Georges Dudognon, William Willoughby Hooper, Малкольм Браун, Harry Benson, Саймон Норфолк, Shai Kremer, Benjamin Lowy, Jonathan Olley, Andreas Magdanz, Jimmie A. Duncan, Ted Spagna, Yale Joel, Крис Верен, Christian Berard, Марчелло Джепетти, Ron Galella, Элисон Джексон, Ли Миллер, Энрике Метинидес, Ларри Кларк, Тревор Паглен, Эрих Заломон, Гарольд Юджин Эджертон, Марк Руведел, Барбара Пробст, Брюс Науман, Билл Бёрк, George E. Kelly, Dave Gatley, Александр Гарднер, Ад Виндиг, Петер Пиллер, Jules Spinatsch, Laurie Long, Софи Калль, Алайр Гомес, Михаэль Клир, Giuseppe Primoli, Джордан Крэндалл, Льюис Уайкс Хайн, Роберт Франк, Пол Стрэнд, Якоб Риис, Heinrich Richert Voth, Гэрри Морей Каллахан

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