Catalog is dedicated to the exhibition “Love on the Edge”, which explores expressions of love as an ailing force amid social, political, and personal conflict. Passion and determination empowered women across Eastern Europe to overcome situations of loss, rape, war, displacement, identity, and homelessness through agency, communal exchange, responsibility, hospitality, redemption, as they highlight the hidden details or in-between-ness of broader social, cultural and political turmoil. In this context, “Love” can have many shapes, and alludes to the experience of being on the edge: the edge between desire and desperation, exhilaration and angst, passion and destruction, life and death. The artworks to be shown at this exhibition can also be perceived as social documents as artists are witnesses or mediators of the conflicts their works address, showing not a timeline, but a variety of dialogues in diverse locations within the last five decades. Another important intention of the exhibition is to blur the social and geopolitical distinctions between ethnic, racial, cultural, and national identities, while accentuating local and global as dialogical and interactive.

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