Catalog of the group exhibition that took place in the Galleria Arsenal, Poland, 05.08-30.09.2011, in Mystetskyi Arsenal, Ukraine, 30.10-11.11.2011, in Mocak, Poland, 01.12.2011-29.01.2012. The exhibition “The Journey to the East” was conceived with the intention of creating a new communication community. Artist from seven countries are represented here who have in the recent twenty years undergone signized and in terms of social life. Contemporary art in Poland deals with issues which are difficult, which have not yet been processed by the society. The more relevant they are, the more difficult they seem to be since they are very deeply rooted in history and trauma and no doubt we know too little about the sacrifices it has made in the 21 century/ That's why the exhibition does not shy away from difficult themes, although the main motif is be something which is positive, which is the binding agent of societies in the different countries and groups.

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