Muzykstan. Media Generation of Contemporary Artists From Central Asia

Published on the occasion of Central Asia's participation in the 52nd Venice Biennale. Curated by Yuliya Sorokina and Ulan Djaparov, the exhibition 'Muzykstan: Media Generation of Contemporary Artists from Central Asia' took place at the Central Asia Pavilion, Gallery Spiazzi, Campo S. Martino. The main idea of Muzykstan (meaning 'Country of Music') is to connect popular music with contemporary art in the Central Asian region. Each project is based on the local music leitmotiv, as prioritised by each individual artist. The visual component of the project, its construction, theme and story are then developed by each artist as a reflection of the social and cultural background of Central Asia. Includes introduction by the curators, essay by Oksana Shatalova, and explanatory texts about works. List of works and brief biographical information on artists provided.

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