Graphic Recording: Live Illustrations for Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

Graphic Recording, a technique for live illustration of presentations, workshops and meetings, is becoming increasingly popular and spreading rapidly. Now a comprehensive manual will be published for the first time. To visualize the big picture, it's best to record it. Graphic Recording is the method of direct visualization of conference or meeting content by a draftsman. Markers in different colors and strengths help to transform spoken words into pictorial ones. Hand-drawn cartoons and diagrams capture the core messages, ideas, goals and results in a fun and engaging way, guaranteeing active engagement and high recall among the participants. With Graphic Recording: A guide to illustrating meetings, conferences and workshops, the first manual to be published introduces graphic recording techniques and their effective use in presentations and meetings. In addition to co-editor and expert Anna Lena Schiller, who shares her expertise in this book, other graphic recorders also provide insights into their toolboxes and working methods.

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