Ma vie et mes folies
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Reissue of the book of one of the most illustrious patrons of the twentieth century, Peggy Guggenheim. She recalls her extraordinary life journey among the exceptional artists she knew, including surrealist painters, and helped to make famous. Peggy Guggenheim, for all lovers of modern art, is a prestigious name. Thanks to her fortune, a young woman without complexes, eager for all the pleasures and in search of a happiness that she does not find, takes a frenzied taste for the art of her century: cubism, abstract art, surrealism become his dominant passions. Guided by Marcel Duchamp, it is an exceptional collection of paintings and sculptures that, now presented to the public in his palace in Venice, attracts the world. In her memoirs, Peggy Guggenheim tells, with a total frankness, her crazy years as a very wealthy American girl, in New York, London and especially Paris, but also all over Europe. If she lived on the run, traveling, loving, drinking, dancing, dragging with her husbands, children, dogs, governesses, friends, lovers, she never forgot to protect, help, promote those who renew the world of arts.

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