For some painters, it is sometimes enough for an exhibition of about fifty canvases to fully honor their work. But this is not true for Picasso, whose production is more varied and more abundant than any other dead or living artist. If, for a show of its own, a room like the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, it would be easy to fill the rooms of such unusual works as the one that the most perceived spectator would be amazed at quantity and diversity of the works exhibited. since, despite all that is published, we not only ignore the true number of works of Picasso but we have only a very vague idea of ??the immensity of production coming out of the force of the imagination of this genius of modern art. The exhibition we present here and necessarily of a small size, but the exhibited works offer us a general idea but fairly accurate of the so many multifaceted media that Picasso has and the variety of emotions that urge him to create.

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