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A Secret Life of Great Sculptures: DIY instruction based on the show Atelier E.B: Passer-by

Conceived at the intersection of art and fashion, the exhibition Atelier E.B: Passer-by features a lot of mannequins. A museum is not a typical environment for such artefacts as mannequins, however. Sculptures look much more familiar in it.

The main difference between sculptures and mannequins is that the latter’s function is to display clothes, while the former are valuable in their own right as artworks.

But what happens when famous sculptures are turned into mannequins? What if Venus de Milo wears an oversized jacket, and Discobolus puts on in trendy sneakers? Will Rodin’s Thinker seem as detached from reality in a skateboarder’s outfit?

It is very easy to help sculptures get a makeover. Firstly, choose a sculpture and print its image. Cut your template and don’t forget to make a pedestal:

There are no restrictions: it can be an ancient statue, a Renaissance sculpture, or a contemporary piece. Don’t forget to read the history of the selected sculpture, to make the transformation even more exciting.

If there is no opportunity to print the image of the sculpture, draw one of the templates below.

Clothes can be drawn on the surface of the image or, alternatively, each element can be cut separately using colored paper, old newspapers or magazines to create a collage.

If you experience difficulties, get some inspiration from these styles:

Done! Come up with a couple of other costumes for your sculpture, for example, a stylish home outfit or a sophisticated one for going out. Publish your sculpture’s styles on social media with the hashtag #adriftaroundtheflat.

Transitory Parerga: Access and Inclusion in Contemporary ArtIssue 01 of The Garage Journal

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