The Sixties: Points of Intersection

12 June – 23 August 2015

Garage Teens Team is an annual program for high school pupils and first-year university students, launched by Garage in 2013. Each year the group prepares a project based on a course combining the theory and practice of contemporary art and museums, taught by art historian and lecturer Olga Kholmogorova. 

For the opening of the new museum, the Teens Team was asked to comment on the time when Vremena Godathe restaurant that originally occupied the building—was a fashionable destination, which was the era of their grandparents’ youth. The result is a display in Garage Resource Room, wherein five “typical” 1960s characters are created from a medley of portraits from the time, based on literature, cinema, and art, as well as written histories, photo archives, and interviews with witnesses of the era (including artists Vladimir Nemukhin and Yuri Rost). Assembled as photo cut-outs complete with text, sound, and video, the figures will take visitors back to the early years of Vremena Goda. At weekends Garage Teens Team will develop the characters’ stories through interactive tours.

The project was prepared with the help of students of the Sound Art: Noise to Sound Installation course, led by Radio Kultura editor Ksenia Lamshina and Liquid Theatre director Olga Korshakova.

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