Conceived as part of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100, Game Club is open from June 28 until December 1 as a free, public game club where visitors can play video games related to the themes of the exhibition. Fourteen computers are available for 1.5-hour sessions. Video games are arranged in two age groups: 12+ and 18+.

Through the interactive and immersive experience video games offer, topics such as survival and alternative utilization of scarce resources, and adaptation to new species and worlds (from vampires to bacteria) are explored, adding new, important, layers of understanding to those offered through the artworks in the exhibition. An extensive public program includes a series of Let's Play events run by artists, art and culture critics, and game studies experts, which will also be streamed on Twitch. Please consult the weekly program on the screen for scheduled events. 

If you wish to play a video game you are unfamiliar with, please ask the Game Club staff member.