b. 1978, Croix, France. Lives and works in Antwerp

The day global warming turned my jumper like this, 2018
Sweater, epoxy resin and "sign" (oil and varnish on wood panel). Jumper 50 × 65 × 5 cm, sign 21 × 26.5 cm, metal grid approx. 110 x 30 x 6 cm
Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris — Brussels

The second work here by Laure Prouvost is a neon sign addressed to humanity or gods. The artist seems to refrain from panicking about the current state of things: the alarm has not reached the red level and is presented in a calm, light blue hue with three dots instead of an exclamation mark. Perhaps it is too late to panic or maybe it is pointless. The phrase chosen by Prouvost comes from an English translation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis made without a dictionary by her friend, artist Rory Macbeth, who does not speak German. Finding creative potential in an incorrect translation, the artist treats language as a medium that works through mistakes, omissions, and misunderstandings.