Every work in the exhibition is accompanied by two ideograms that help to form thematic connections between works, creating various semantic configurations. This arcade navigation element suggests a particular route or parkour through the key themes in the exhibition.

This ideogram indicates an artist working with technology and media and with language in its broadest sense. You will find this icon next to many of the works in the exhibition. This is not surprising: we live in a highly organized technical world, and the development of language was a key stage in anthropogenesis.

This is the second most popular ideogram in the exhibition. It marks works exploring health and medicine, various therapies (including alternative), and, in a broader sense, care.

This category includes works focused on non-human agents, be it plants, insects, fish, birds, and dinosaurs, or avatars and artificial intelligence.

This ideogram marks projects that are based on fakes, parafictions, and mystifications or devoted to conspiracy theories: from invented characters to fake medicine and from suspicions around 5G to the falsification of history.

This is the birthplace of speculations. This category brings together works about money, the economy, services, and schemes—from the serious to the carnivalesque and from the possible to the utopian.

This category features invented, speculative or imaginary memorials, archives, and museums.