Announcement from Garage in the light of current events


26 Feb 2022

The team at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art has decided to stop work on all exhibitions until the human and political tragedy that is unfolding in Ukraine has ceased. We cannot support the illusion of normality when such events are taking place.

Garage has always been an international institution open to a plurality of voices. We are categorically opposed to any and all actions that sow division and create isolation. We see ourselves as part of a wider world undivided by war.

We will fulfil our obligations to the artists whose projects are being postponed and who have worked with us with trust and enthusiasm. We thank Anne Imhof, Helen Marten, Saodat Ismailova, Heimo Zobernig, their studios and galleries, and the lenders of works for the Lydia Masterkova exhibition for their support, and we hope for an immediate end to the conflict.