"Who are Russian Hackers and How Are They Connected to the Russian State?"


From 26 May 2019




Garage Auditorium


A lecture by Meduza’s special correspondent Daniil Turovsky and journalist and scriptwriter at Lorem Ipsum Aleksandr Gorbachev

The Internet has become an integral part of our world, affecting our finance, our work, our everyday, and our political life. However, we could lose access to the web at any moment: not only through the government’s isolationist policy, but also because of hackers, including Russian ones. Where do they come from? Why do they work with the special services? What is their past and current role in Russia’s foreign and internal affairs?

These questions are discussed in Intervention. The History of Russian Hackingby Meduza’s special correspondent and GQ journalist of the year Daniil Turovsky. Turovsky and former editor-in-chief at Afisha, ex-head of Meduza’s special correspondents department and the editor of Intervention,Aleksandr Gorbachev, will present the book and talk about the virtual world that has outgrown the real.


Daniil Turovsky is a Russian journalist, special correspondent at the online newspaper Meduza. He graduated from the Institute of Journalism and Creative Writing and has previously worked as a correspondent for Kommersant, Openspace, Afishaand Lenta.ru. For his articles on ISIS, Turovsky was awarded GQ’s Journalist of Year Prize. He is the author of in Intervention. The History of Russian Hacking.


Aleksandr Gorbachev is a Russian journalist, former editor-in-chief at Afisha and Afisha-Volna, ex-head of Meduza’s special correspondents department. He graduated in journalism from the University of Missouri, USA and has written on culture for most Russian media. He is the editor of Intervention. The History of Russian Hackingby Daniil Turovsky.


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