Screening: Close Relations


From 2 September 2017




Garage Screen summer cinema


Vitaly Mansky’s documentary is dedicated to his relatives who live in different parts of Ukraine. While filming family members, separated by political collisions, the renowned Russian cinematographer reveals the depth of consequences of one of the most profound political events in Ukraine’s contemporary history.

Vitaly Mansky began his trip across Ukraine in May 2014, on the eve of the Presidential elections in the country, and completed it a year later. Over this period, he managed to visit several cities and regions, including his native town Lviv, where his mother lives, as well as Odessa, Donbass, and the Crimea, where his aunt currently lives, who is very excited about Russia’s annexation of the peninsula in 2014.

The author does not engage in debates with his family members, representing various points of view about the ongoing political situation in the Ukraine and Russian-Ukranian relationships.  He tries to give voice to each opinion, showing how politics influences relationships even between the closest people, who have abruptly found themselves on opposite sides of the state border and political views.

Before the screening, Vitaly Mansky will introduce the film on Skype.

Close Relations

Director Vitaly Mansky

Latvia, 2016. 112 minutes



Free admission on advance registration.

The film will be screened in Native with Russian subtitles.

The event is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.