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5 April – 17 May 2019


The reading group is dedicated to the Third Text journal founded by Rasheed Araeen.

Coinciding with Rasheed Araeen’s retrospective, we are going to explore the role and format of his main work, the Third Text journal founded by the artist in 1987. For several decades, Third Text remained a mouthpiece for artists, writers and philosophers from the so-called third world—a space located outside of Europe and the United States. The journal published authors representing the most contrasting cultures and raised crucial questions that remain unsolved: what is a diaspora? How is cultural identity being constructed? What era do we live in—post-colonial, de-colonial or, still, colonial?

We will also concentrate on seeing our country’s cultural policy through the lens of colonization processes, expansion (and constriction) of the empire, and migration.

Publications that you will need for preparation for the classes are available at Garage Library.

Moderators: Iaroslav Volovod and Valentin Diaconov, Garage curators


Free admission with advance registration


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