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Public program for Köken Ergun’s Young Turks

Köken Ergun. Young Turks
30 January – 26 March 2016


The public program, organized as part of Köken Ergun’s exhibition Young Turks, features lectures, discussions, screenings, and talks in the exhibition space. Visitors are also invited to consult a selection of books on history, anthropology, cultural studies and art provided at Garage Library.

Globalization, as a primarily economic process of normalization effacing regional differences, remains the main evolutionary trend of today. However, it has also provoked a counter movement, reviving debates around the question of national identity. New forms of globalization now emerge, which develop from state policies and adopt national models of modernization based on traditional religious and cultural values.

The public program for Köken Ergun’s exhibition will put his work in a broader cultural context. In a series of lectures and discussions, leading Russian and international historians, anthropologists, and culture theorists, including Konstantin Bogdanov, İştar Gözaydın, Arif Dirlik, Vyacheslav Morozov, Ayşe Çavdar, and Viktor Shnirelman, will touch on a range of subjects that are present in Young Turks, starting from the proliferation of religious movements and the growing popularity of religious groups and conservative views in Russia and Turkey, and ending with the elites’ use of folklore in order to invent national values. The program also includes a round-table organized by Garage Teens Team, which will focus on the nationalist turn in Russian universities.

Films selected by the speakers to go along with the public program will be screened in Garage Auditorium, and on weekends visitors will be able to take part in One-Work Talk group discussions in the exhibition space. Hearing impaired visitors will be able to take part in One-Work Talk group discussions in Russian sign language scheduled twice a month.

For those willing to learn more, a selection of sources prepared by the artist and the curator will be available at Garage Library.

Click here to download the public program schedule for Köken Ergun's Young Turks. 

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