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Presentation of Post-Post-Soviet?: Art, Politics and Society in Russia at the Turn of the Decade

5 December 2013


December, 5, 7:30 pm
Presentation of Post-Post-Soviet?: Art, Politics and Society in Russia at the Turn of the Decade, a book by Ekaterina Degot, Ilya Budraitskis, and Marta Dziewanska

By the late 2000s, the seemingly temporary elements of Russian reality had grown permanent. The post-Soviet condition, characterized by a scary and degrading state, a listless society, triumphant cultural kitsch, and the impetuous commercialization of social relationships, appeared to be stark and immobile. Parallels with the "Brezhnev Stagnation," once perceived by Soviet residents and the pessimistic intelligentsia as a mournful "end of history," had become a cliché.
However, at the turn of the decade, Putin's "end of history," like those seen before it, proved to be just another ideological trick. Despite the depression that quickly followed the social upheaval of 2011-12 and the government's insistent conservative décor, there is a growing anticipation of troubled and volatile times, which will soon make the post-Soviet condition obsolete.
This perception, captured in the term post-post-Soviet, was the common driving force for the authors of their book, recently published by Chicago University Press and Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

The presentation features the book's authors and editors: Ekaterina Degot, Ilya Budraitskis, and Marta Dziewanska (Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland).

You can buy the book in Garage book store and on the Chicago university press web site

Entrance is free, space is limited, please arrive early



1. Edinaya Rossiya party congress. 2011
© Maria Turchenkova

2. Meeting for Fair Elections. 2012
© Vlad Chizhenkov

3. Lev Rubinstein by Khamovnichesky court. 2013
© Vlad Chizhenkov

4. Architectural project of a new NCCA building. 2012
Mikhail Mindlin, Anton Nagavitsyn, Mikhail Khazanov

5. Kudymkor, engine of the future. Curator Ekaterina Degot. 2009
© Ekaterina Lazareva

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