Meeting with designer and illustrator Natalie Ratkovski

23 October 2013


Meeting with designer and illustrator Natalie Ratkovski
October 23, 8 pm
GARAGE Education Center
Admission is free

"It's important to indulge your passions, to let yourself create just because you feel like it. Don't put off your dreams, waiting for an appropriate time. Draw if you always wanted to, make collages, and chronicle your routines in a diary." Natalie Ratkovski

Designer and illustrator Natalie Ratkovski, author of Profession - Illustrator and Let Yourself Create, will speak on ways to foster creativity and find inspiration. She will discuss her experiences as an illustrator and the ideas behind her books. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and collect an original autograph.

The meeting is organized in partnership with the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, which released both Ratkovski's books.

Natalie Ratkovski was born in 1977 in the Caucasus region to a family of Russian-born Germans. She is currently living in Oberhausen, Germany. Ratkovski earned her first technical degree in Russia, while illustrating children's books on physics and mathematics. After moving to Germany, she left a career in the IT industry to pursue a childhood dream and became a graphic design and illustration student at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Dortmund, Germany). During her studies, she worked as a designer and illustrator for a number of design agencies. Currently Ratkovski is a graphic designer for Opta Data Group (Essen, Germany) and a freelance illustrator.


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