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Let’s Play. Lawrence Lek: 2065

The Coming World Game Club
22 July 2019


A series of Game Club events organized as part of the exhibition The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 will launch with the let’s play session by one of the contributors to the show, artist Lawrence Lek, who will play the 2065 video game of his own authorship.

Lawrence Lek works with virtual reality and simulation using software for video games and 3-D animation in combination with installation and performance as his mediums. The majority of Lek’s creations are independent virtual worlds where fictional events unfold in real locations.

The game 2065 places selected territories of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong on a virtual island manifesting the materialized world of the future. By 2065, artificial intelligence had acquired independence and alarming power. All work is conducted by algorithms, while people, lost in between physical and virtual realities, spend days playing video games.

During the let’s play session, the artist will demonstrate how to work on the verge of the virtual and the real by traveling through various architectural spaces in the open universe of the game 2065, and explain, using his own playlist, how digital technologies and AI impact our perception of reality and transform the latter.


Lawrence Lek (b. 1982, Frankfurt on Mein) is a multimedia artist, film director and musician. He studied architecture at Trinity-College in Cambridge (UK). Author of films Sinofuturism, Geomant, AIDOL, video games and simulations 2065, Europa, Mon Amour, Unreal Estate, and Nøtel. He lives and works in London.


Free admission with advance registration.

The event will be in English with simultaneous translation to Russian.

Let’s Play streaming will be available at our Twitch channel.


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