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“Landscape as a witness, landscape as interface.” A lecture by Daria Kalugina

The Coming World Game Club
29 November 2019


Starting new game, we often find ourselves stranded on the shore of the unknown landscape. The map is covered with fog, that gradually goes away as we familiarize ourselves with the surroundings.

The place, the nature, the assets that comprise the in-game world, often become not only the active member of the narrative, but also the essential tool of the communication and interaction. In that manner, the nature of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter merged with the game’s interface—the words are built-in in the landscape, nature become the interface, and the environment itself becomes the resource for the story development. Gradually the in-game landscape moves forward from being a decoration and turns into the ecosystem.

This talk dives into the development and transformation of the landscape in the contemporary videogames, and how it changes from the silent witness into the main character.


Daria Kalugina is a videogame researcher and columnist at Haywire Magazine. She works with the various aspects of in-game subjectivities as well as world-building as learning environments. She has held the position of curator of educational department at V-A-C Foundation, and coordinator of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. She graduated from ICA Moscow and the Rodchenko Art School.



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