International Competition. Program 1

International Competition. Program 1International Competition. Program 1


Program 1 features four films: a video by Laure Prouvost created for the French Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale; Portuguese Pedro Neves Marques’s sensual dystopia depicting polygamy against the backdrop of an epidemic in São Paolo; Rosa Barba’s 35mm journey toward a melting glacier in the Andes; and Rotterdam Festival’s favorite, a short by the Belgian Dorian Jespers filmed in Murmansk.

They Parlaient Idéale

A group of performers of various ages and nationalities sets out on a journey from Northern France to Venice. Laure Prouvost’s surreal movie poses eternal question , the answers to which we need so much. What unites us—and what separates? What are the differences between us? How do we co-exist while preserving each and everyone’s differences?

Dir. Laure Prouvost
France, Belgium, Italy, 2019. 29 min. 18+

The Bite

A dystopian queer fable about a polygamous relationship between three people, which develops against the backdrop of a rapidly spreading deadly epidemic in São Paolo. As the epidemic is combated by mosquitoes grown in an experimental laboratory, the protagonists will have to cope with their union’s internal problems, such as the balance in the distribution of power, attention, and love. Distressing fluctuations between the present day and the uncertainty of the future, where only sensual intimacy can save us from disaster.

Dir. Pedro Neves Marques
Brazil, Portugal, 2019. 26 min. 18+

Aggregate States of Matters

Filmed in the Andes, the picture tackles the increasing impact of climate change on the world’s remote regions. The artist Rosa Barba worked with local Peruvian communities whose lives are influenced by the melting of a glacier. Even though new environmental conditions enhance agricultural development, the indigenous population is faced with increasing problems in their cultural and spiritual life. Barba conceives a critical world picture where growth and progress have ceased to make any sense, without diminishing the complexity of the situation in the age of Anthropocene. The movie will be screened on 35mm film.

Dir. Rosa Barba
Peru, Germany, 2019. 18 min. 16+

Sun Dog

Fedor is a young locksmith in Murmansk. Client after client, apartment after apartment, he roams through concrete housing blocks animated by a fantasy that isolates him from the city and its dwellers. Daydreaming allows him to leave this reality and enter a phantasmagoric universe where the sun rises over the Russian Arctic.

Dir. Dorian Jespers
Belgium, Russia, 2020. 21 min. 18+


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