Garage Teens Team. National-Patriotic Upbringing. A Look From Within


From 27 February 2016




West Gallery
Garage Teens Team. National-Patriotic Upbringing. A Look From WithinGarage Teens Team. National-Patriotic Upbringing. A Look From Within


In the current social and political situation concepts like patriotism, national unity, and national pride come to the forefront of public attention. Some consider them too vague to be taken seriously, while others believe these are phenomena that need to be treated as fundamental for the society and the state. The question of their importance leads us to a discussion on whether the feeling of belonging to a nation and a state should be fostered (through institutions or propaganda) among the students of schools and universities. Should children be taught to love their country and if so, when does one start to teach them? Should youth be integrated into the political life of the country in the current situation? Can such an education be unbiased? These questions occupy the minds of scholars and functionaries, but what do young people actually or potentially affected by these policies think? The aim of this discussion is to provide an answer to this question.


Natela Piliya is a student at the History Department of Moscow State University. She lives and works in Moscow. As a member of Garage Teens Team, she took part in the preparation of the Points of Intersection exhibition. She also took part in Dozhd TV’s President-2042 project. Natela Piliya is interested in contemporary art's political potential and its possible use in mitigating today's most urgent problems.


Garage Teens Team (2013–present) is a yearly Garage initiative for 13- to 19-year-old high school and first-year university students, launched in 2013 and aimed at helping Garage to engage diverse publics into creative processes and the life of a contemporary museum. From September through May a group of young people study contemporary art theory and practice, and museum work formats, completing the program by preparing their own thematic projects.


Ekaterina Kucherenko is a second-year student in PR and advertising at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. She helped organize the Chekhov Lives project (Google, Moscow Art Theater, and Russian Book Association) in 2015. She was a volunteer at the The Naked Heart Foundation press service and won the Moscow government’s social advertising contest in 2014. She plans to work in PR and culture. Her interests include analog photography, Italian cinema, and modernist architecture.

Maria Vopilovskaya is a second-year communications, media and design student at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics, specializing in journalism. Her academic interests include the history and theory of international relations. In 2015, Maria took part in the 16th HSE International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development.

Anna Zamarina is a communications, media and design student at Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. She works in informal education (The Jewish Agency for Israel) and organizes education camps for kids aged 11 to 17. In January 2015 she repatriated to Israel. She studied at the State Music Academy for Jazz and Popular Music and works as a music teacher. She has worked at the KVN TV show and has played for her university team. Her interests include music, Jewish and Israeli culture, and food.

Anna Fotiyeva is a secondary school student. She lives in Moscow and studies at School No. 1543. She is interested in history, politics, photography, and choreography. She has taken part in the Anne Frank Project of the Open School for Human Rights at the Moscow Sakharov Center.

Ivan Podkopalov is a secondary school student. He lives and Moscow and studies at School No. 1543. He is interested in history and politics.

Alexander Knyazev has taken part in the SKVT program for young curators at the Polytechnic Museum. A few years ago he was a member of a patriotic organization Otryad Nadezhda [Hope Squadron]. He is interested in culture and arts, particularly music, photography, and drawing.