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Futurologia \ Russian utopias


Futurologia explores the legacy of the avant-garde movement of the early 20th century, showing how the work of pioneering artist Kazimir Malevich continues to influence Russian artists today with newly commissioned, large-scale works by contemporary artists.

Russian Utopias examines the theme of utopia in Russian art over the last 20 years, the exhibition demonstrates how the concept of utopia has evolved over time, and has been subject to radically different interpretations from being regarded as an archaeological monument to acting as a vehicle to imagine an alternative future. By tracing the development of these ideas in contemporary art, the exhibition explores how utopian ideals and dreams are an important part of the Russian character and society.

Futurologia and Russian Utopias are part of Année France – Russie 2010, the cultural exchange between Russia and France.

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