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A cycle of public events: Man VS Masculinity. Ideas about Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century

2–23 February 2021


Discussions about norms and ideals seem mauvais ton today, which is evident since the norm came under criticism once its dynamic nature was revealed. Understanding the ephemeral nature of the norm did not free us from prejudices, however. Even nowadays, almost every person falls victim to stereotyping. Garage, in collaboration with the project on contemporary masculinity “Man, Where Are You Going?” will run a series of discussions about what’s going on with the modern man, surrounded by outmoded requirements regarding his gender role.

The cycle puts under criticism the tradition of classical masculinity. Participants will discuss the possibilities for transforming the discourse of the masculine, with the focus put on the questions; why the fight against patriarchy is not a women’s business alone, whether the ideal man has the right to be weak, who the man was in the past and what he is today.

The participants include gender researchers, sociologists, psychologists, as well as men who openly discuss their problems. This approach allows the review of specific cases along with the socio-cultural context whereby they come to being.

The sessions will take place once a week in February 2021. The schedule of themes is published in advance for the entire program, with participants of each discussion announced no later than two weeks before the event. After the end of the cycle, recordings of all sessions will feature in the special episode of the podcast “Man, Where Are You Going?” available on all podcast platforms.


The events will take place online via Zoom with broadcast on YouTube.

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